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It is imperative that you optimise your business operations with a strategically placed warehouse or factory. Finding the right warehouse or Commercial Real Estate for Lease is easy when approaching NRG Property. As a reputed Property Rental Agency, we manage many warehouses and factories located in strategic locations across the nation to help support businesses in Australia in enhancing their supply chain, customer experience, and overall logistics strategy.... Read more >

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Frequently Asked Questions – Warehouse, Factory and Industrial Properties
How do I find a warehouse or factory to rent

Finding the right warehouse for your business should not be a difficult task. It is important that you choose a warehouse or factory in a location that makes sense from a business strategy and logistics perspective. There are many factors to consider so ensure you do your research and consult your staff and advisors.

How does leasing a warehouse or factory work

When you lease a warehouse or factory, you agree for a particular period of time to use the property in return for paying the owner rent. You are allowed to conduct your business while complying with the conditions of the lease. If you need help negotiating a lease, we recommend you speak to a legal professional.

What do I need to know before leasing a warehouse or factory

You need to find a warehouse or factory that will support your business. Consider factors such as logistics, volume of stock, turnover of stock, distribution networks, distance between retail outlets, technology integration and others so that you choose a warehouse or factory that will help grow your business.

How much should be rent per square foot for a warehouse or factory in Australia

The rental value of commercial warehouses and factories varies from property to property. Estimated rental values can be provided on request. Depending on the market, type of property, location and features, the rental value will differ for each property.

What should I ask a real estate agent while signing lease for a warehouse or factory

Ask as many questions as you like. However, remember that the real estate agent is engaged by the landlord so check to see if you need the support from a professional advisor during lease negotiations.

What types of warehouse or factory properties are available at NRG Property 

We manage a wide range of warehouses and factories that are located on sites plots in the suburbs and regional areas. Depending on your distribution network and logistic costs, finding the optimal warehouse or factory is important.

Do you offer flexible and affordable terms for warehouse or factory leasing

Our goal is to help you lease a warehouse or factory with us and our clients. We work with our commercial landlords to offer flexible and affordable terms that align to market standards and satisfy the expectations of our clients.

Do you have expertise in warehouse or factory leases

We have extensive expertise in warehouse and factory leases. We manage many successful relationships between commercial landlords and tenants in connection with warehouse and factory premises. For further information about our credentials, please contact us.

Do you have off market properties for warehouse or factory leasing

We manage many off-market warehouses and factories that are available for private viewing. Please let us know your requirements and specifications so that we can browse through our portfolio and locate suitable matches for you to consider.

What should I do if I’m interested in one of your warehouse or factory properties

If you are interested, we welcome you to contact us. Let us know which warehouse or factory intrigues you, and we can give you a live viewing in person or virtually. It is best to contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if the warehouse or factory is leased to another person.