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Operating your shop and retail outlet from the best location will help you achieve greater sales. We manage a wide variety of retail properties for lease across all city, urban and regional suburbs across Australia. Wherever you might want to position your shop or retail business, we can help you find premises in that location. Our range of properties includes brand-new premises, newly refurbished spaces and existing properties that have been kept in pristine condition. Whether you are after a small or large retail property, a property that is fitted out with all the features, a premises with adjoining car spaces or any other type of retail property for lease, we manage a large and growing portfolio. Several of our properties are situated in shopping centres, close to leading retailers like Chemist Warehouse and other giants that generate high foot traffic, and on popular shopping strips close to neighbouring retail shops. This variety will offer you endless choices so that you are not restrained from operating your retail premises from the ideal location.... Read more >

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Frequently Asked Questions – Shop and Retail Properties

How do I find a shop to rent?

You can browse through our website and other sites that offer Commercial Real Estate for Lease. If you are looking for a property in a particular location with certain features, please contact us so that we can look at our portfolio and see if we have a property that would suit your business.

How does leasing a storefront work?

When you lease a store front, you agree for a particular period of time to use the property in return for paying the owner rent. You are allowed to conduct your business while complying with the conditions of the lease. If you need help negotiating a lease, we recommend you speak to a legal professional.

What do I need to know before leasing a retail space?

You need to do your homework from a legal, financial, operational and strategic perspective. Consider who your target market is, where to position your shop, the impact that neighbouring businesses might have, accessibility to transport, size of the property, the shop’s features and more. The process is extensive, so we suggest you engage a professional to guide you along the way.

How much should be rent per square foot for a retail shop in Australia?

The rental value of a property depends on many factors. You need to consider the location, state of the economy, the demand for the premises, its size and features, fit-out costs and much more. We can help you assess the market value rent for a particular property.

What should I ask a real estate agent while signing lease for a retail property ?

Ask as many questions as you like about the lease. If you need further help, it is recommended you engage a professional advisor to help you understand the terms of the lease and assist you with any negotiations with the commercial property landlord.

What types of shop and retail properties are available at NRG Property?

We manage a wide variety of shop and retail properties located in the city, urban and regional suburbs. Our portfolio consists of premises located in shopping centres, main street shopping strips, business precincts and stand-along buildings.

Do you offer flexible and affordable terms for shop or retail leasing?

We do offer flexible and affordable terms based on the instructions we receive from our clients. We ensure that our clients develop leases that are market accepted so that you do not have negotiate heavily during the review process.

Do you have expertise in shop and retail leases?

We continue to manage shop and retail premises. Our extensive and growing portfolio of properties shows the confidence that our clients have with our services and approach. We manage many retail lease relationships for clients with both short and long term commitments.

Do you have off market properties for retail and shop leasing?

Yes we do. Many of our clients prefer off market leasing, so we can help pair you with a suitable retail and shop premises for your consideration. Let us know your requirements so that we can commence our search.

What should I do if I’m interested in one of your retail shop properties?

Do not wait! If you are interested in a property that we manage, please contact us. Our retail shop premises are always hot property as retail owners are trying to find the best location to operate from.