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Finding the right office for rent is important to help your business flourish. Whether your business requires a large customer facing presence or rooms of offices for staff to work, we manage a wide range of commercial property. With a variety of sizes, configurations and spaces available, we can help you find the right office for rent based on your business’s needs and requirements. We manage office spaces that are located in stand-alone buildings, shopping centres, shopping strips, networking hubs and spaces and business precincts. Tell us about your requirements so that we can help find the right office space for you. From newly refurbished and fitted out spaces through to existing spaces that have been immaculately maintained, we oversee a broad selection office spaces that are located in the city, suburbs and regional areas. Some of our properties also include on-site parking to suit your requirements. Others are located close to various forms of transport so that your clients can easily access your offices. The perfect office space does make the difference. Your staff will enjoy working for you and your customers will engage better with the goods and/or services that you are offering. It takes time to find the right location and it is important that you conduct your research. If you need help along the way, please do let us know. We can have a no obligation and confidential discussion to understand your business, your requirements and the growth strategy. This will help us find a suitable office space for you to rent.... Read more >

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Frequently Asked Questions – Office Space
How hard it is to find office space for lease in Australia

Finding office space should not be difficult. We help you find great office space locations for you to operate your business. Whether you are after a location in the city, suburbs or a regional area, we can pair you with a great space.

What types of office properties are available at NRG Property

We manage a wide range of properties of varying sizes and with different features and amenities. Whether you prefer a small, large, fully furnished, urban, rural or some other type of office space, we manage them all.

What are the key factors to keep in mind while looking for an office space for lease in Australia

Think about your business, its goals and its growth strategy. Finding the right office space takes time so that you can engage with your customers, broaden your networks and immerse yourself in an environment that will accelerate your business.

Do you offer flexible and affordable terms for office renting

Our goal is to help you lease an office space with us. We work with our commercial landlords to offer flexible and affordable terms that align to market standards and satisfy the expectations of our clients.

Do you have expertise in office leasing

We successfully manage many properties for office leasing. Many of our properties are located in the business precincts which are the ideal locations to operate your business in the commercial environment.

What is the cost of rent for an office

The cost to rent an office varies depending on multiple factors. The size of the office, its features, the location and many other market and property-specific variables affect the market rent for office space. We can help guide you to affordable properties based on your budget.

Do you have off market properties for offices

Yes. We can help match you to an office space depending on your needs and requirements. We usually ask a series of questions to understand your requirements and then present options for your review.

What is short term leasing

Short-term leasing is usually less than 5 years. You might want to lease an office space in the interim because you are building a property, relocating interstate, expanding your presence, or for other reasons. We manage many properties that are available for short term leasing.

What should I do if I’m interested in one of your office properties

We welcome you to contact us. We are happy to have a no obligation and confidential discussion to understand your requirements. We can be in touch once we have found the right office space for your needs.